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Program om ouers te help
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In the CCIP program I teach and equip parents to become “therapeutic agents” for their own 2 to 10-year-old children.  I tailor make the program specific for your child’s needs. We meet once a week for an hour at a time via internet sessions like Zoom.

Coaching Children In Purpose (CCIP) Program

To help you understand the benefits of parents using play therapy skills, I include a video where numerous experts share about what play therapy is and the benefits it contains for your child… 

The basic adapted principles of play therapy help children to use play as part of their natural language. During these weekly play times with their own parents, children find a safe space to work out their own fears, frustrations, and other emotions.

They gain confidence, build self-esteem, and learn to take small risks. They develop new problem-solving skills as well as social skills. They learn to self-regulate, which means they learn to think before they act. During this play process children learn to make choices and to take responsibility for the consequences of their choices. In this program parents learn a whole new process of discipline with children.

Using the CCIP programme at home will help children communicate their needs. It helps foster a unique relationship between parent and child. One of the amazing things about this program is that parents can use this way of play even with children who has limited language abilities.

Therapists should equip parents to help children during this pandemic

Have a look at this video where therapists are motivated to equip parents to become therapeutic agents for their children in a time such as this. This is play with a purpose. 

The Coaching Children In Purpose (CCIP) Program

In the CCIP Coaching Program I add my own experience as a child psychologist. I have been in private practice since 1994. I also add research from my Master’s degree which focussed on building confidence and developing communication skills and handling conflict between parents and teenagers. I further added research from my PhD which focussed on play therapy, sand tray play therapy and understanding children on the spectrum of autism.

 Testimonies of parents who did the CCIP Coaching Course

 I feel much more equipped to help my child work through her own emotions. I feel I have more skills to help her develop into a person that can face life head on.


 As a parent I understand myself better. I do not feel overwhelmed anymore. Play time helps me and my child communicate better. I love the creativity in the process. What I love most is that mistakes are changed into teachable moments. Sharing your own stories Dinelle helped me tremendously.


 I enjoyed lots of practical ideas that was shared. Only comment: Get the info out there! So many parents need this!

 – Chere

 I was pleasantly surprised to see how my child uses this play process to work out her own concerns and fears. She asks for play time now!



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I equip parents once a week, for an hour at a time via internet sessions. There are 8 sessions to learn from. If you want to find out more, please contact me…

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